A short introduction to our general shop, Crystal Emporium, & tattoo appointment FAQ – including prep & aftercare info.
What are the shop’s hours of operation?
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 11am – 7pm Monday, Thursday and Sunday: by appointment only
Why are the crystals in closed cases?
The crystals are in closed cases to reduce energetic impact from the environment. Basically, there is an exchange of energy when you handle crystals. The closed cases limit the amount of excess energic buildup. The closed case also helps encourage people to be more mindful when handling crystals and reach out with their subtle sense first. Selenite plates are placed in every case to transmute the energies absorbed by the crystals from you and others.
What do I do after handling a crystal?
Please place the crystal on any available selenite plate.
How can I shop for crystals?
You are welcome to: Stop at the shop during business hours. Catch one of our live sales on Instagram. Message us directly for what you are looking for.
When will the crystal emporium be live on the website?
The cataloging, pricing, and photography of all the crystals is large undertaking. We are working on releasing crystals in batches for purchase on the site. We appreciate you patience!
What do I need to do to get ready for my appointment?
Please see the appointment checklist below.
How do I know which crystal is right for me?
Ananda recommends a very simple procedure. Close your eyes, focus on what you want help with, then open your eyes and see what catches your attention. Seek to allow acceptance for what may be an unusual choice for you. Trust your intuition to guide you.
What is an akashic record reading?
An Akashic record reading is channeled information hand picked by your ascended masters, teachers & loved ones from the ‘Library of the sky” where all that has been, is and will be is recorded. Readings vary widely and can include information on past lives, relationships, past, present, future trajectory based on current momentum as well as energetic clearing, mental pattern reprograming & advice on how to proceed towards best case scenario.
How can I schedule an akashic record reading with Ananda?
Please email Ananda directly or stop by the shop during business hours to schedule. All akashic records readings are given over the phone.
What is a intuitive crystal reading?
This is a divination practice that utilizes choosing crystals instead of cards. The format is a classic past, present and future based on current trajectory.
How can I schedule an intuitive crystal reading with Ananda?
Please email Ananda directly or stop by the shop during business hours. This can be done in person during walk in business hours if Ananda is available. You can also schedule a specific time.
What is tattoo divination?
Tattoo divination is an intuitive crystal and card reading to divine the most advantageous adornment to align with you best case scenario.
How can I schedule a tattoo divination?
Please email Ananda directly or stop by the shop during business hours. Please note cost of tattoo divination does not include cost of tattoo.
How do I book with Ananda?
Please email Ananda directly or stop by the shop during business hours.
How do I book with Jon?
Please email Jon directly or stop by the shop during business hours.
I got a tattoo – now what?
After your tattoo is complete, it will be washed and covered with a clear adhesive bandage called Saniderm. Leave this bandage in place for the first 3 – 4 days.
What if there is discharge ink and plasma under the bandage?
This is normal and actually benefits your tattoo healing as your own fluids naturally lubricate the healing skin. It’s fine for a buddle of fluid to build up as long as it is all contained under the bandage.
What if the fluids leak out from the bandage?
If the fluids leak out from under the bandage, please go ahead and take it off. If you are still within the first two days after your tattoo procedure contact your tattoo artist to arrange redressing or purchase and self apply a similar product called Transparent Waterproof Bandage from a local pharmacy.
What if the tattoo is red, irritated or uncomfortable?
If you experience discomfort such as red, irritated skin around the edges of the bandage or any sort of uncomfortable reaction – please go ahead ad remove the bandage, clean tattoo and contact your tattoo artist immediately.
The bandage has been on for 3 – 4 days. What do I do next?
When it is time to take off the bandage please follow these steps: 1. Step into the shower and rub a bit of fragrance free soap and water with an open hand under the edge of the bandage to help the adhesive release. 2. Pick up a corner of the bandage and peel toward the center. 3. If there are multiple pieces of bandage overlapping to cover a large tattoo – pick up an outer corner and peel towards the center. 4. Clean tattoo with a simple, fragrance free pump soap (dove unscented recommended) 5. Pat dry with single use paper towel or let air dry.
Saran wrap was used to cover my tattoo – is there something different I need to do to take care of it?
Yes! 2-3 times a day you should do the following: 1. Take off the saran wrap. 2.Gently wash your tattoo with water, fragrance free pump soap and an open hand. 4. Pat dry with a paper towel: tattoo and entire area that will be wrapped up. 5. Wrap tattoo with fresh saran wrap. After the third day, you will not longer need to use the saran wrap. Please follow all other recommendations below.
Is there anything I should not do after getting a tattoo procedure?
Yes! It is recommended to keep the tattooed area out of the sun or soaking in water for 4 weeks. Rinsing with water to wash is fine.
My tattoo is itchy, dry and flaking – what do I do?
This is normal. Do not pick or scratch the tattooed area. This will prevent the tattoo from healing properly. It is also important to not use any lotions, creams or oils on the the tattoo area.
My tattoo is really really itchy. Are there any exceptions about using lotion?
There is one exception – after the first 4 days – You can occasionally use a teardrop of fragrance free lotion (like lubriderm) on your tattoo if the rest of your skin is unusually dry. Reach out to your tattoo artist if you have any questions regarding this.
Is there anything else I need to know about taking care of my tattoo?
YES! Please keep your tattoo clean – wash it morning and night – and anytime it is sweaty or dirty. Only wash with an open hand and fragrance free soap . Rinse the tattoo and let it air dry or pat dry with a single use paper towel. No wash clothes or towels.