Take note of these important items before coming in for your next tattoo appointment at Light Hand.
Remember to hydrate and eat a substantial meal within 2 hours before your appointment. You’re welcome to bring snacks and water with you!
You are welcome to bring snacks, cozy clothes, a pillow and water with you to your tattoo appointment. Though eating is not permitting in the tattooing area there is seating close by where you are welcome to snack and refresh yourself.
Please wear accessible clothing. Swim suits, swim covers, shorts, ect. Button-up shirts are excellent choices for back tattoos since they can be worn backwards & open.
Do not drink alcohol within 24 hours of your appointment.
We cannot tattoo open wounds including : sunburns, peeling skin, acne, animal scratches, eczema outbreaks or irritation. Please protect your skin accordingly in the weeks before your appointment.
Emotional support human : you are welcome to bring guests with you to your appointment. We ask that kids stay with a sitter unless they are of age to act responsibly. No pets are allowed. Siblings permitted on their best behavior.
It is usually rather cold at Light Hand Tattoo & Healing Arts so layering clothes or bringing a blanket is recommended if you chill easily.
If you’re unsure what would be best to wear for your tattoo; please feel free to contact your tattoo artist.

If you have any questions concerning on these items, please contact us! If you have no questions, book today!